productive interaction
philip van allen, art center college of design, graduate media design program

This is a medium that enables the user as producer of her own outcomes and meanings.  Productive interaction aligns the design of not-linear content, context and affordance in an open, collaborative fashion, enabling the direct manipulation of the work’s material.  Through this, the user creates a custom, personally significant meaning space.

>> Productive Interaction Paper - PDF 733K
>> Article for the Online Journalism Review  

Early Interaction Design Explorations
>> Topic Explorer - 1680x1050 pixels - Shockwave 656K
>> Text Facets - 1280x700 pixels - Shockwave 280K

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“Contrary to modern architecture and its desperate afterbirths, this new architecture is neither authoritarian nor hysterical; it is the hedonistic science of designing collective facilities that fully accommodate individual desires.”

- Rem Koolhaas, S,M,L,XL